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Water Treatment

LP-UV disinfector

The NoVira is a low pressure ultra violet disinfector wich is specially developed for disinfecting drain-water in greenhouses. Because it uses a thin water-film, it is extremely suited for processing drain-water with low transmission. But disinfecting rain or other qualities of water is no problem because of the flexibility of the reactor arangements.The NoVira is exclusively equipped with so-called low-pressure lamps. These are specially designed to create light in the spectrum of 254 nm.


How it works

Every organism has a DNA signature, This is damaged or cut by the exposure to the UV light, especially in the 254 nm spectrum. This causes the life-expectancy to drop to zero and prevents reproduction. The cappacity of the disinfector is indicated in mJ/cm2 (milli-jules per square centimeter). This is derived from the UVC delivery (light delivery x time spent in the reactor). For killing-off of bacteria and fungi 150 mJ is usualy suficcient. For drain-water that may contain viruses we maintain a capacity of 250 mJ



The NoVira is managed by a reliable state of the art processor wich can be provided with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and process display. The NoVira has proven to be a very reliable disinfector for flowers as wel as vegetable growth, and is being deployed on a global scale.

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