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L.S.T. Market, Kazachstan

Haket has built a 1Ha tomato-farm including a nursery for our customer in Kazachstan.

The folowing installations were delivered by Haket:

  • 1Ha greenhouse, type Venlo, including nursery
  • Screen installation, horizontally as wel as vertically
  • Complete heating system
  • CO2 installation
  • water-storage in silo's
  • substrate unit
  • Complete drip-irrigation installation
  • ebb/flow installation (nursery)
  • High-pressure humidification
  • Electrical installation
  • Climate-fans and installation
  • Sulfur-evaporators
  • Assimilation illumination in the nursery
  • Sercom computer installation
  • Hanging grow-gutter system
  • Ground-cover
  • Tomato-hooks, clips etc.
  • internal transport
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